Eliminate Risks of Disruptions

Efficient supply chains for competitive product portfolios.

Mitigate Risks, Resolve Issues

Eliminating risks in a supply chain isn’t always straightforward but by adopting a powerful system, you can lower your overall risk profile. Leverage the intelligence of Monitor Pro to quickly and easily onboard contract manufacturers, suppliers and manage their performance with comprehensive tools. The tool helps you integrate suppliers, onboard contract manufacturers right from the early stages, and provides visibility to see that contract manufacturers meet your organization’s quality standards.


Customized Transaction Data

Browse only through the relevant data through Monitor Pro’s customized dashboards and application monitoring tools to get an overall view as well as the grassroots-level drilldown for complete visibility.

  • Monitor trends to evaluate the performance of contract manufactures
  • Overcome the obstacles of incompatible systems and standards
  • Get access to only relevant data to make informed decisions

Collaborate Better with Contractors

Leverage real time data analysis and collaboration with your contract manufacturers, partners, and suppliers by providing access to authorized data files on a highly secure network.

  • Provide visibility to contract manufacturers to meet quality standards
  • Get your data delivered safely to the right people in the right format
  • Eliminate data format and standard barriers with Monitor Pro
Full Visibility

Full Visibility into Supply Network

Having access to end-to-end, real time analysis operational and business visibility can help you evaluate supplier quality outcomes. Leverage Monitor Pro to get actionable insights for decision-making.

  • Use cutting-edge reporting tools to track the source of problems
  • Set up real time alerts to make prompt decisions
  • Create presentation-ready reports in just a few clicks
Fast Automated

Fast, Automated Contractor Onboarding

Onboard your contract manufacturers without going through daunting manual processes. Involve them in the quality process right from the beginning to make quality contracts binding.

  • Eliminate error-prone manual onboarding with automation
  • Ensure manufacturing quality with quality agreements
  • Gain access to better reporting and quantified risk management
Fast Automated

Speed Up and Simplify Your Supply Chain

Monitor Pro Visibility

Gain end-to-end transparency and real-time data visibility using graphs and reports.

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Integration Services

Integrate fragmented business operations to increase communication flow, stay ahead of change.

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Business Analytics

Draw actionable insights from your data and enhance operations across the supply chain.

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Hybrid Integration

Integrate and deploy any domain, apps, data feed from anywhere, at any time you need.

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Manage Manufacturers with Ease

Contract manufacturing issues often come down to communication, especially in cases where the product has not been manufactured ever before. Monitor Pro makes it easier to keep communications transparent with the stakeholders and helps companies keep track of the data exchanged between parties.

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“I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for your hard work and support throughout the implementation. It would not have been possible without your help. It’s been great teamwork and collaboration.”

Dean Anderson
Application Manager

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