Hassle-Free Carrier Management

Broaden application monitoring tools to strengthen relationships with suppliers

Increase Transparency with Monitor Pro

Easily manage your logistics with end-to-end visibility into your carrier contracts, shipped materials, suppliers, and much more with Monitor Pro. Achieve the highest level of operational excellence with 360-degree visibility into your carrier management processes and increase transparency in areas like supplier-carrier communications, carrier rate management, and more. Bring your disparate systems together to optimize deliveries and improve overall productivity, profitability, and customer service.


Central Repository for Carrier Details

Reduce time, complexities, and expertise required to manage a large number of suppliers, partners, and carriers with a centralized repository, providing visibility to all stakeholders.

  • Provide 24/7 global availability to your consumers
  • Enhance decision-making with centralized visibility
  • Strengthen relationships and manage KPIs better

Streamlined Carrier Management

Monitor Pro helps you handle all the end-to-end processes associated with carrier management within the logistics network, including qualifying and onboarding carriers, compliance, and more.

  • Monitor necessary carrier compliance documents
  • Automate rate confirmations and make them accessible
  • Provide shipment statuses, generate invoices, and settlements

Better Communication with Stakeholders

Provide a smooth way for your partners to access information. Get rid of technology hindrances with a range of easy integration options that will help you communicate better.

  • Simplify by automating the onboarding process
  • Make correspondence hassle-free with 3PL stakeholders
  • Make it easier to do business with better connectivity

Visibility into Real-Time Events

Leverage AI-powered real time alerts and insights provided by Monitor Pro to measure performance, assign specific tasks, manage disruptions, and make decisions on the go.

  • Get a unified view of your workflows on a single platform
  • Keep or remove carriers based on performance metrics
  • Track order lifecycles in real-time to ensure on-time deliveries

Speed Up and Simplify Your Supply Chain

Monitor Pro Visibility

Gain end-to-end transparency and real-time data visibility using graphs and reports.

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Integration Services

Integrate fragmented business operations to increase communication flow, stay ahead of change.

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Business Analytics

Draw actionable insights from your data and enhance operations across the supply chain.

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Hybrid Integration

Integrate and deploy any domain, apps, data feed from anywhere, at any time you need.

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Perform Accurate Audits with Monitor Pro

One of the major audits logistics companies have to perform is a performance review of their carriers, which is largely done manually. Monitor Pro eliminates the manual processes and helps companies assign, manage, and review the benchmarks and KPI of carriers from a single platform.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority

“I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for your hard work and support throughout the implementation. It would not have been possible without your help. It’s been great teamwork and collaboration.”

Dean Anderson
Application Manager

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