Harness the Power of Data Analytics & Cognitive Technologies

Make data-driven decisions to maximise business value.

Effective Analytics to Respond to Disruptions

Cut through data noise and get relevant insights with Monitor Pro

Business Analytics
  • Identify and understand risks with precision

    Get a comprehensive breakdown of your supply chain business, right down to the basic level. Identify and understand the changing patterns and market trends to mitigate any perceived threats.

  • Analytics to improve forecast accuracy

    Access and exploit a plethora of real-time data from external factors such as market regulations, user preference or even weather to accurately predict consumer demand, increase revenue and margins.

  • Explore cognitive technologies

    Employ emerging technologies to analyze untapped data sources that directly affect the bottom line and provide your supply chain with self-learning capability to deliver increased business value.

  • Reduce insights retrieval time and get higher ROI

    Gain end-to-end visibility across your network. Tap into data from multiple sources not only to solve current business problems but also uncover never-before-seen opportunities for your business.

  • Avoid cybersecurity threats and hacks

    Create role-based access for designated users in a team and keep data safe. Utilize Monitor Pro to securely analyze large amounts of data - identify and mitigate irregularities within a network.

Navigating Supply Chains With AI & Data Analytics

Equipped with AI capabilities, Monitor Pro’s ability to display and analyze data from disparate sources, helps in creating supply chain plans that are smooth, synchronized and responsive.

Monitor Pro offers full visibility into EDI data across business user groups like customer relations, procurement, logistics, accounts receivable and payable, e-commerce and order management, identifying potential disruptions and determining the effectiveness of crisis intervention strategies.

Leveraging AI and data analytics will position your business to unlock value in your supply chain.


Interested in Building Smart Supply Chains?

Interested in Building Smart Supply Chains?

Uncover Patterns & Trends Quickly

Visualize Complex Data

Stay updated about complex data exchanges between your supply chain and partners by correlating documents, tracking messages, and much more.

Find Anomalies & Red Flags

Monitor Pro provides an AI-powered, personalized dashboard to identify, prioritize and mitigate irregularities, while building a resilient supply chain.

Smart Resource Planning

Establish a connected system to easily monitor and manage the utilisations and margins in your chain with real-time data always available at your fingertips.

Prompt Transaction Alerts

Get notified instantly about transaction statuses, shipments, customer orders or suppliers impacted with Monitor Pro’s incident notification systems.

Accelerate Business with AI

Make use of artificial intelligence in your supply chain ecosystem to increase the levels of business productivity, consumer satisfaction and profitability.

Increase Delivery Efficiency

Create reliable business strategies by delving into specific KPIs to gain a deeper understanding of how your customers, orders, and revenue is being impacted.