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Meet user demands with customized services.

Maximize Connectivity with Monitor Pro

To meet the ever-evolving demands of the current market, companies must collaborate with Third-Party Logistics companies (3PLs). It’s an important step in meeting client expectations and maximizing connectivity. Meet exceeding customer demands by utilising application performance monitoring tools with real time visibility into your transactions, orders, shipments, and returns with Monitor Pro. Its cutting-edge technology helps businesses optimize B2B customer and supplier interactions, and achieve their objectives.


Connect with B2B Stakeholders

Support numerous customer mandates and partner-specific processes, high volumes of information, client and partner-specific adaptations, and more with ease.

  • Connect easily with your B2B customers and suppliers
  • Simplify communication even with technologically-challenged stakeholders
  • Integrate supplier, partner, and customer information with internal systems

Automate Transactions & Processes

Reduce costs and inefficiencies caused due to manual, error-prone B2B processes through automation. Find anomalies easily and act fast to get the most out of your supply chain investments.

  • Enhance delivery speed and reliability with automation
  • Enable automation of small partners to eliminate manual processes
  • Spend less time finding and troubleshooting errors

Simplify Partner Onboarding

Bid adieu to manual partner onboarding with Monitor Pro. Simplify partner onboarding by creating forms to complete for onboarding and updating information, and certificates.

  • Get a better view of your partner relationships
  • Trade faster with partners and improve cashflow
  • Make community recruitment, onboarding, and provisioning easier

Gain End to End Visibility in Supply Chain with AI

Enhance application monitoring, management, and reporting in your inbound and outbound processes with AI-powered analytics that gives your real time visibility into status and disruptions.

  • Gain a comprehensive view of your complete order lifecycle
  • Reduce security and compliance risks with timely alerts
  • Quickly identify and address disruptions and notify key stakeholders

Speed Up and Simplify Your Supply Chain

Monitor Pro Visibility

Gain end-to-end transparency and real-time data visibility using graphs and reports.

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Integration Services

Integrate fragmented business operations to increase communication flow, stay ahead of change.

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Business Analytics

Draw actionable insights from your data and enhance operations across the supply chain.

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Hybrid Integration

Integrate and deploy any domain, apps, data feed from anywhere, at any time you need.

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Enhance Visibility with Monitor Pro

Logistics companies often find it a hectic task to keep track of all the shipments which are sent out, create monthly statements, and so on. With Monitor Pro, companies can get comprehensive visibility across their processes from a single point of information along with creating automated reports.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority

“I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for your hard work and support throughout the implementation. It would not have been possible without your help. It’s been great teamwork and collaboration.”

Dean Anderson
Application Manager

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