EDI Transactions

Establish standardized business documents and streamline payments, invoices, tracking, and more

Any Transaction, Any Industry, Any Trading Partner

At Monitor Pro, we support a range of industries, implementing cost- and time-saving electronic data interchange (EDI) practices. Why? EDI is the gateway to effective supply chain management. It helps reduce lead time, saves business documents and processing costs. Added benefits of EDI also include eliminating procurement errors and improving strategic alliances across the supply chain.

Our specialty lies in expertly managing your business documents, while ensuring that your EDI transactions are compliant and are processed within the EDI regulations and guidelines. We offer all-in-one multichannel EDI and eCommerce solutions compliant with your network of retailers, eCommerce partners, grocers, OEMs, healthcare organizations, and trading partners.

In addition, our workflow automation and integrated solutions are positioned to connect, integrate, automate and expand your business.

EDI Solution
What is EDI?

EDI (Electronic data interchange) is defined as computer-to-computer exchange of business documents or information in a standard and structured format.

Enhances Data Quality

EDI improves communication, accuracy of data exchange with real time log analysis and overall efficiency. This also results in strengthening partnerships, and cutting down costs.

Quickens Document Movement

Leveraging EDI your business will be able to carry out speedy, accurate, and contactless handling of the documents, covering end-to-end of the supply chain.

Automate Paper-Based Tasks

Automating document transactions such as invoices, purchase orders, and receipts exchanged through faxes or traditional mail will reduce costs and improve performance.

Reduce Manual Errors

Implementing EDI will eliminate manual errors and provide visibility and proactive monitoring capabilities that are needed to effectively manage your team and supply chain.

Enriched Business Strategy

Harnessing the power of EDI to gain real-time visibility will enable faster decision-making and improved responsiveness to changing customer and market demands.

Discover the Different Types of EDI Transaction Sets, EDI Documents & Codes

  • EDI 204 Motor Carrier Load Tender
  • EDI 210 Motor Carrier Freight Details & Invoice
  • EDI 211 Motor Carrier Bill of Lading
  • EDI 214 Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message
  • EDI 270 Healthcare Eligibility/Benefit Inquiry
  • EDI 271 Healthcare Eligibility/ Benefit Response
  • EDI 276 Healthcare Claim Status Request
  • EDI 277 Healthcare Claim Status Notification
  • EDI 278 Healthcare Service Review Information
  • EDI 310 Freight Receipt & Invoice
  • EDI 315 Status Details
  • EDI 753 Request for Routing Instructions
  • EDI 754 Routing Instructions
  • EDI 810 Invoice
  • EDI 811 Consolidated Service Invoice/Statement
  • EDI 812 Credit/Debit Adjustment
  • EDI 816 Organizational Relationships
  • EDI 819 Joint Interest Billing & Operating Expense Statement
  • EDI 820 Payment Order/Remittance Advice
  • EDI 824 Application Advice
  • EDI 830 Planning Schedule with Release Capability
  • EDI 832 Price/Sales Catalog
  • EDI 834 Benefit Enrollment & Maintenance
  • EDI 835 Healthcare Claim Payment/Advice
  • EDI 837 Healthcare Claim Transaction
  • EDI 840 Request for Quotation
  • EDI 843 Response to Request for Quotation
  • EDI 844 Product Transfer Account Adjustment
  • EDI 845 Price Authorization Acknowledgment/Status
  • EDI 846 Inventory Inquiry/Advice
  • EDI 849 Response to Product Transfer Account Adjustment
  • EDI 850 Purchase Order
  • EDI 852 Product Activity Data
  • EDI 853 Routing & Carrier Instruction
  • EDI 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment
  • EDI 856 Advance Shipment Notice
  • EDI 857 Shipment & Billing Notice
  • EDI 860 Purchase Order Change Request – Buyer Initiated
  • EDI 861 Receiving Advice/Acceptance Certificate
  • EDI 862 Shipping Schedule
  • EDI 864 Text Message
  • EDI 865 Purchase Order Change Acknowledgment/Request – Seller Initiated
  • EDI 866 Production Sequence
  • EDI 867 Product Transfer & Resale Report
  • EDI 869 Order Status Inquiry
  • EDI 870 Order Status Report
  • EDI 875 Grocery Products Purchase Order
  • EDI 879 Price Information
  • EDI 880 Grocery Products Invoice
  • EDI 888 Item Maintenance
  • EDI 889 Promotion Announcement
  • EDI 894 Delivery/Return Base Record
  • EDI 930 Automotive Inspection Detail
  • EDI 940 Warehouse Shipping Order
  • EDI 943 Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice
  • EDI 944 Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice
  • EDI 945 Warehouse Shipping Advice
  • EDI 947 Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice
  • EDI 950 Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice
  • EDI 990 Response to a Load Tender
  • EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgment
  • APERAK Application error & acknowledgement message
  • DELFOR Delivery schedule message
  • DELJIT Delivery just in time message
  • DESADV Despatch advice message
  • INVOIC Invoice message
  • INVRPT Inventory report message
  • ORDERS Purchase order message
  • ORDERSP Purchase order acknowledgment message
  • RECADV Receiving advice message

How to Get Started With EDI?

Scalable portal that integrates with any shipping service, accounting program, eCommerce marketplace, ERP, WMS, 3PL and more

  • Cloud Based Multichannel EDI

    Cloud-based multichannel EDI and eCommerce solution: affordable, simple, easy to use, scalable

  • Efficiently Manage Activity

    Efficiently manage activity, process transactions, and fulfill orders all within WebEDI

  • Connect to All Your Retailers

    Connect to all your retailers, eCommerce partners, grocers, OEMs, healthcare companies, and trading partners on one portal

  • Easy EDI Compliance

    Easy EDI compliance with your entire network